Customer Service Advisor

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Heartland Automotive dba Jiffy Lube
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The Guest Service Advisor is a performance-based position that is essential to the stores effort to meet and exceed sales and profit goals. The mission of the CSA is to assist guests to make informed decisions for purchasing quick lube and additional associated services for their vehicles.
General duties that include but are not limited to:
Complete all required certification and other on the job training within the required time frame.
Report for shift on time and dressed in proper uniform to include required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), slip resistant shoes and good hygiene.
Greet all guests within 5 feet, in a professional, pleasant manner.
Follow all Heartland Automotive Services and Jiffy Lube policies and procedures.
Guest Service Advisor duties that include but are not limited to:
Gather and input guest and maintenance information into the computer.
Review oil options, vehicle manufacturer recommendations, previous services and report on conditions to the guest.
Recap guest requested services, with pricing and answer any questions.
Escort guest to the lounge (using the No handles policy), and inform them of the location of coffee/water, restrooms and magazines.
Communicate additional services requested to upper bay and gather new items/parts for installation/service.
Review invoiced items with guest, accept payment for services, informs guest of value added items and offers invitation of return.
Curbside Marketing duties that include but are not limited to:
Hold advertising signs, wear a sandwich board or engage in any other form of curbside marketing outside of the store location to attract guests for the immediate purchase of an oil change.
Clean and maintain the guest lounge, restroom, parking lot and all property surrounding the store.
Distribute coupons and fliers.
Courtesy duties that include but are not limited to:
Clean, organize and stock work station.
Review position chart (including all primary and secondary duties assigned).
Greet the guest and escort them to the lounge using the No handles policy, and inform them of the location of coffee/water, restrooms and magazines.
Place protective covers on the guests seat, floor and steering wheel.
Drive guests vehicle into/out of the bay area.
Assist in a complete check of guest lights.
Vacuum complete interior of the vehicle and discard obvious trash.
Thoroughly clean exterior windows.
Upper Bay duties that include but are not limited to:
Guide guests vehicle into/out of the bay area.
Ensure proper care is taken to help eliminate damage to guests vehicle (fender cover placement).
Check and communicate initial oil level (by checking dipstick).
Determine, communicate and physically verify correct oil filter application.
Check and adjust all tires levels on vehicle to proper inflation.
Check, communicate and fill necessary fluids (battery, powering steering, and washer fluid)-replace all caps.
Add oil, start vehicle, check oil pressure gauge, check oil dipstick and show as confirmation to lower bay.
Observe lower bay quality inspection/perform upper bay quality inspection.
Lower Bay duties that include but are not limited to:
Complete under vehicle inspection.
Remove oil drain plug, loosen and remove oil filter, wipe mounting plate and check filter spindle.
Install new oil drain plug and new oil filter.
Wipe fittings and lubricate.
Check and fill gearboxes.
Report under vehicle status to upper bay.
Observe under carriage of vehicle once started to ensure no leaks.
Perform lower bay quality inspection.
State Inspection duties (Following certification, as directed by store management) that include but are not limited to:
Pass the state issued background check.
Attend state inspection training class.
Organize, clean and maintain all tools, machines and inspection areas.
Ensure all tools and machines are in good working order.
Perform state specified inspections on vehicles, which may include all aspects of safety and emissions of the vehicle.
Adhere to the Heartland State Inspector Agreement and Code of Conduct.
Team Lead duties (Following certification, as directed by store management) that include but are not limited to:
Ensure team is working in an efficient, productive manner.
Complete the ROC sheet.
Complete checkpoints screen for each vehicle serviced.
Monitor work flow and make adjustments as required.
Utilize practice during downtime.
Coach and inform teammates by providing feedback on performance.
This job has no supervisory responsibilities.
Job Requirements:
Job Requirements:
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (This is not an all inclusive. Reasonable accommodation will be provided under appropriate circumstances and in accordance with applicable law.)
Read, write and speak English.
Must possess superior guest service skills
Ability to teach and motivate others to achieve sales goals
Must be able to operate standard garage and office equipment
Must be able to drive vehicles.
Must be able to stand on concrete or metal surfaces for extended periods of time.
Work in an environment that frequently experiences extreme hot and cold temperatures, loud noises, and exhaust fumes.
Lift and move inventory items, trashcans and other work related items (up to 50 pounds).
Must be able to work at a rapid pace for long periods of time (typically no longer than 8 hours.
Must be able to push, pull, pull up, bend at the knees and waist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turn head-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp and hold tools and other items with hands, for either extended periods of time or many times throughout the shift.

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